COMSOL “COMMUNICATION SOLUTIONS AND CONSULTING” is a company that provides a high level of Telecommunications Consulting Services and dependable data service solutions to Network Service Providers throughout the Americas and the Caribbean. COMSOL is a single point interface for quotation, installation, operation and billing in the Pan Caribbean region.

COMSOL’s Focus is to provide services in the Central American and the Caribbean regions. A lean, privately owned company, COMSOL combines agility with expertise to present global providers with a single-vendor solution. Comsol’s Solutions ensure coverage throughout a complex region of difficult, under-developed markets with connections to the United States and Latin America.

COMSOL’s solutions are flexible and designs are based on customers’ needs. From single-office connectivity to a regional network with resiliency across multiple points, COMSOL

COMSOL is dedicated to providing comprehensive, cost-effective solutions that enables each of its customers to achieve their objectives and have a competitive edge in their respective markets.

COMSOL’s founding members have over 40 years Telecommunications experience, and a proven track record of success in the CALA region for building and selling data networks.

COMSOL prides itself with offering customers simple innovative solutions. In a world of increased technological advancement COMSOL offers varied options within a highly monopolistic Caribbean market and provides Value that customers can appreciate.