Online Ticketing System

COMOSL’s online trouble ticket portal will help you open and manage trouble tickets. The system allows you to track the status of submitted requests, post follow-up notes and correspond with help desk operators in a bulletin board fashion. Although you can open a trouble ticket without login in, in order to use all those benefits you need to login using your user id and password before submitting service requests. The trouble-ticket web site can be accessed at:

Sales Support

Standard quote requests are answered in a maximum of 48 hours for budgetary quotes.

In complex projects, we work together with our customers to provide the necessary information, documentation and details needed to fulfill specific requirements as well as directly respond to questions and participate in conference calls and meetings to help close the sales opportunity.

Our have the standard legal language that reflects our experience and adaptability as a supplier to global network providers and integrators.

COMSOL offers consolidated single currency billing for all your network locations to alleviate administrative multiple exchange rate and multiple individual contract overhead.

Implementation Support

A dedicated project manager will manage the service installation from feasibility to activation, providing regular updates and following up on every detail that is required to deliver and activate the service. COMSOL’s PM’s also provide professional reporting tools and regular updates on all projects undertaken no matter how big or small.

The project manager will direct important implementation details such as authorizations, local contact access coordination, and activities required for a successful installation.

Upon completion of Service Delivery, an RFP will be issues and Bit Error Rate testing results provided for the Customer’s record.

24/7 Customer Support

Support is available 24/7 Customer Service and a web-based ticketing portal. Staffed with professional support individuals that speak English and Spanish the Customer Service is the single point of contact to resolve any service issues. The Customer Service has a centralized network management system as well as access to support systems that enable it to have global visibility to all services information at a glance.

Escalation Process

When it becomes apparent that a fault cannot be resolved at the first level of contact, then the Customer Service invokes defined escalation processes. The Customer Service operates standard procedures triggered by fault outage times. Additionally, escalation may be invoked either by the customer or by the Customer Service if there is a problem which requires urgent attention.