Looking for new revenue streams or another way to grow your business?

COMSOL provides carriers with the support needed to create NEW Lines of Business within the Pan-Caribbean Market. Whether it’s developing new products, entering new markets or simply expanding on existing LOB’s , COMSOL has the expertise and KNOW how to pull together and execute an all-encompassing strategy.


Not meeting the Sales goals set out by your company?

COMSOL can evaluate and assess your sales organizations processes and objectives to provide a better understanding on where your company is falling short.

COMSOL will also provide direct sales support, sales training, and process evaluation services as needed.


Not providing the support your customers expect from you in a timely manner? Or, do you have internal bottlenecks?

COMSOL has the ability to look at your organization as a whole and in parts, in order to evaluate internal processes and identify the issues. COMSOL will make recommendations on how to resolve the issues and implement new processes in order to alleviate the problems.


Don’t have the resources in place to create a dedicated sales team? Want to fast track revenue growth without the recruiting and training of a direct sales team?

COMSOL can provide Agency Sales Support for short, mid and long term solutions.


Can’t seem to get the Board to approve those Business Cases??

COMSOL has a proven track record of pulling together concise business cases that get approved! Our team of finance experts will look at all aspects needed to address the business needs and get the approvals required to help your company succeed.


Want to enter a new market but not sure of pricing? Need to understand the costing and price modeling used in the region?

COMSOL has years of experience pulling together price tables and price models to meet your Company’s expectations and goals. COMSOL provides Pricing, Costing and Profit margin calculations so that your Company has clear understanding of the financials and can create a solid Sales Strategy.


Is your Legal team behind on Contract Negotiations? Are contracts the main bottleneck in your process?

COMSOL’s extensive experience and legal staff can provide the support you need in this area. Whether it’s Short-term support or a Long-term strategy, COMSOL can fast track this process and/or provide guidance on how to address the contract process.



Ethernet Technology is cost effective flexible and adaptable. Based on the customers requirement , the service can complement, replace or expand traditional private line connectivity or strengthen and simplify VPN links with a secure, dedicated Ethernet solution.

COMSOL’s Ethernet Solutions provide international expansion for carriers to the Caribbean and the US. Interconnection can be established in colocation facilities in Points such as Miami, Puerto Rico, Dominican Republic, Jamaica and Trinidad.

COMSOL provides dedicated project managers (PM’s) to ensure services are managed from service installation to service activation. PM’s provide regular updates and follow up until service is completely activated.

We provide all of our clients with extensive technical support where our network engineers will utilize their professional Ethernet experience and expertise to quickly respond to any concerns or resolve any problems. We are also there to provide the newest updates to effectively expand your operations with the latest features and technological improvements as soon as they become available.

Our service includes a standard service level agreement (SLA) guaranteeing availability, packet loss and latency.


COMSOL’s International Private Leased Circuit (IPLC) / Private Line services allow customers to have dedicated, permanent, point-to-point connections between locations. Private lines provide secure and reliable connectivity for customers to transport their voice, data and video.

Private Line Services are provided over TDM Infrastructure with bandwidth ranging from an E1 to a STM 64 .

COMSOL has the ability to design solutions and provide customers options for end-to-end fully diverse routes to provide higher levels of availability. Path separation is built-in as requested to ensure that cable systems, last miles, backhaul and submarine or terrestrial capacities run over diverse physical infrastructure.


COMSOL’s  Internet Service provides your business the speed, functionality, and connectivity it needs to transmit large files quickly, conduct video conferences and easily connect with employees, customers and vendors, regardless of bandwidth requirements or location. Our customers can choose from a diverse portfolio of proven Tier 1 Internet providers.


  • Port availability
  • Border Gateway Protocol (BGP).
  • IPv6 and IPv4 on the same connection
  • Simple Billing
  • Rapid turnaround capabilities
  • Scalability to grow with you as your business grows
  • Resilient long-haul core topology
  • Backbone circuits run over DWDM wavelengths directly on fiber


COMSOL offers Internet access solutions in the form of wholesale transit ports to serve our customer’s requirements. The service offers the right balance of connectivity so that customers can run their global applications while maintaining fast access to local content.

For cloud and content delivery applications we offer flexible solutions with direct connectivity to specific local, regional and national IP networks in the Caribbean and Latin American regions to help improve service to our customers.

By utilizing COMSOLS own network infrastructure as well as integrating carefully selected local, regional, national ISPs, establishing transit and peering agreements, COMSOL provides a flexible combination of local and international visibility for customers.


  • Resolve content access problems in Latin America and the Caribbean through a single/double autonomous system (AS) direct relationship with regional/national providers.
  • Improve customers performance response for specific regions.
  • Related connections for the customer’s remote office and the USA so that traffic remains in network and VPN performance is improved.


A dedicated project manager will manage the service installation from feasibility to activation, providing regular updates and following up on every detail that is required to deliver and activate the service.

We provide all of our clients with extensive technical support to quickly respond to any concerns or resolve any problems. We are also there to provide the newest updates to effectively expand your operations with the latest features and technological improvements as soon as they become available.


COMSOL offers field services in the Pan- Caribbean regions to better support your project installation and maintenance requirements. We provide solution ranging from CPE configuration to managed multi-site customer MDF/IDF (Main Distribution Frame/Intermediate Distribution Frame) to end-to-end datacenter project installation.

Field Support Services include :


  • inventory, and inspection
  • Equipment rack and stack
  • Patch panel installation
  • Power cabling/installation/testing
  • UPS and battery installation
  • Troubleshooting installation issues related to equipment
  • Server installation, configuration and functionality testing
  • Change control and change management support during implementation


A conference bridge is opened during the activities to maintain an open dialog between all parties. The service center can summon escalation resources, additional tech support; perform remote analysis and troubleshooting.


COMSOL’s equipment lease and maintenance services in the Pan- Caribbean region help to better support your network project requirements. We provide solutions ranging from single equipment kit for a single location to complex multi-vendor multi-site equipment procurement and installation.


Typical equipment deployments include routers, switches, VOIP and TDM equipment, computer servers, firewalls, PBX, remote console servers, out-of-band modems, managed power bars, uninterruptible power supplies (UPS) and batteries, racks frames and rack supplies (trays, screws, cable managers), country specific power cables, LAN cables (fiber, copper patch-cords/custom length cables) as well as cable and equipment labeling. The most common equipment brands supported include Cisco, Avaya, Juniper, Zhone and Belkin.


COMSOL’s support organization works together with customers implementation team to turn up and test the equipment once the circuit has been activated, through a dedicated project manager.


Equipment Lease can be complemented with Corrective (Break and Fix) and Preventive maintenance policies covered by our competitive SLAs.


Maintenance work can be scheduled ahead of time or as an emergency. We have defined a process for maintenance, repair and replacement that is built for global network providers and integrators which reflects the flexibility that is required to complement equipment logistics for our customers.


Network organization, physical security and data management are fundamental to assure a functioning service. COMSOL takes the precautions necessary to protect the privacy, confidentiality, integrity, and availability of all non-public data.